On Apr 16, 2013

I was Contemplating how I was likely to strategy the conventional "finish of the 12 months" post. given that 2011 wasn't precisely a outstanding 12 months for me, I chose to allow Rick Mora, previous Trainer of the Indiana Colts, do the speaking for me.

I Keep in mind listening to this observation on the stereo in 2001 and having a laugh my butt away. "Playoffs? Don't discuss playoffs! You joking me?"

Substitute the term "goals" for "playoffs" and that's how I Experience 2011. Actually...this entire observation explains my 12 months.

"Disgraceful performance."

"In my opinion, that sucked."

"Holy crap, I don't know who the heck we believe we are."


"Pitiful. completely pitiful to carry out like that."

Yep, that was my 12 months. Pitiful. I didn't do 1 darn factor really worth speaking about other than coming out my correct leg in the center of the Cleveland fifty percent Marathon, then I went 7 much more kilometers to Complete the race. The best benefit about that ordeal was viewing red-colored about 2 kilometers from the Complete.

I'll say it again: I adore, adore, adore this image.
My injuries in might setup the remainder of the 12 months: 3 Several weeks of physical rehabilitation then a cautious go back to running. I went my very first Complete kilometer at the finish of July and I can now operate about 4 kilometers at once. My formerly-shredded leg is supporting well. No twinges at all.

I experienced my behave with each other after lacking this past 12 months and sent a vacation greeting card to my buddies and family:

This, of course, is a image from my amazing Wonderful Incredible A vacation in the Off-shore north west with the professional In September. This specific image was used a couple of kilometers from the wrecks of Mt. St. Helens. For a geologist, this is 1 of individuals "must-visit" locations.

You can see firelogs laying smooth on the floor at the rear of me, showing the Path of the great time which raked the scenery. The Hill itself, about three kilometers away, is lacking its north flank, since it blew away and slid into Nature Lake. A scorching pyroclastic movement distribute with the forest, trimming and burning up all things in its path. lung burning ash and pumice rained lower everywhere. And yet, you can see that the scenery is Eco-friendly after 30 many years of healing. character is trying to correct itself.

I Acquired a couple of bits of pumice as souvenirs; I stored a number of and offered 1 option amount to my nephew. I described what it was and exactly where it originated from (in conditions a 3-12 months-old could understand). Last weekend break my sibling described to me my nephew would not rest with out his pumice. I replied, "I rule." I believe my sibling has observed through my dubious intend to change my nephew into a geology nerd...