Half-Miles on Mugshots

On Apr 16, 2013

AM: 20 minutes w/u
8x800m on Mugshots: 2:41, 2:45, 2:32, 2:30, 2:37, 2:40, ?:??, ?:?? (these occasions are +/- 5 mere seconds usually on mugshots)
20min c/d

Good exercise yesterday. I went fairly difficult and got a bit of rubbish in my thighs early...which was the plan. I didn't remember the breaks on the final two, most likely since i was struggling so poor I didn't remember to quit my watch.

After quantity 7 I nearly named it quits, but I held on for yet another interval, went like my Trousers had been on fireplace only for my thighs to totally pass away with about 150m remaining. I was really happy with this....this nationwide mix Program is no joke. If I want to be competative at all, I've got to learn how to cope with a small lactic acid...and quickly.

After that....Rocket City!