In the High Country: Anton Krupick trailer

On Apr 14, 2013

Here is an recognized intro for an approaching brief movie about Anton Krupicka known as "In the higher Country". Anton is a gifted ultrarunner who has received the Leadville 100 kilometer competition twice. He appears a lot more like he is carrying out a mixture of operating and hiking in the moments of this video.

Video: In The higher CountryOfficial intro for an approaching brief movie about Anton KrupickaPublished The month of january 30, 201 Frequent RT factor Fran Wolpert catches the lifetime of Hill athlete and free-soloist Anton Krupicka "In the higher Country" of co throughout the Summer time of 2012. Gritty and stunning, Wolpert's movie goes to the paths and the slopes, subsequent Krupicka's distinctive and uplifting times and evenings in Among the world's most stunning places.

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There was an additional movie on Anton known as Indulgence: 1000 kilometers underneath the co skies about his learning 2007.