WDW Half Marathon Race & Goofy Spectating Recap

On Apr 13, 2013

This previous weekend break increase and his cousin, LeBrian, had been built with a small Wacky by operating the Walt disney fifty percent competition on sunday and the Complete competition on Sunday. Not to be completely surpassed by their badassery, I injury up purchasing a bib to operate the fifty percent and got my personal small piece of the Walt disney experience. The consequence of this hectic weekend break is that you get a two-for-1 post: 1 component competition reiterate, 1 component spectating reiterate, enjoy! 

I called my latest rushing flats: "La Fée Verte"
(French for "The Eco-friendly Fairy(ies)
Fitting I injury up in fairy chicken wings for the fifty percent, no?Walt disney fifty percent competition Race reiterateThe Expo: What. A. bunch. We reached the broad realm of sports activities a small prior to 10 am and had been instantly delivered into "the collection ride." It was more hectic than any expo I've actually  attended!
I seem like this image doesn't do rights to just how packed it was.

Pre-competition: subsequent the expo I had been built with a fairly hectic day time operating slightly and increase didn't travel in till past due that evening. All in all I believe we got perhaps 4 hrs of rest prior to our security alarm discontinued at 3:30 am. Ugh. 
begin: Because we remained on the Walt disney home we had been in a position to Avoid a large amount of the typical competition earlier morning hype by employing their shuttle support, which was really convenient. We reached Epcot with just lots of time for you to examine our bag, use the facilities, and make our way to the corrals. increase and LeBrian had been likely to operate conservatively, for apparent reasons, so I divided methods with them and jumped into the closest corral after battling my way with the huge group.prepared to get our fifty percent on! kilometers 1 - 5: It required nearly 15 moments subsequent the really first influx discontinued at 5:30 am to get within the begin collection, then I invested the really first kilometer weaving about a Thousand individuals, operating in the grass, on curbs, you title it. SO. CHAOTIC. I was pleased when I noticed the really first personality train station Because i understood it would get rid of some of the group. In the darkish there wasn't a lot to see, but I understood this extend was Mainly support streets Anyhow so I just do my better to Look for a small bit of home to operate my personal speed in. It was disgustingly humid, but with no sunlight, I was performing ok, and just attempted to remain on surface of my moisture and Ensure that it stays consistent. prior to I understood it we had been proceeding in to the miracle empire and the common exhilaration from the fans, my other racers, and the volunteers was electric.
kilometers 5 - 10: Spilling on to primary St. all illuminated and then rounding the component to see Cinderella's Fortress all illuminated created all the mayhem all of a sudden really worth it. Wow, just wow! I cherished that the fans had been entertaining like insane and the volunteers had been enhancing the athletes get that sought after picture with the Fortress in the background; it really put into the entire *magical* experience. proceeding in to Tomorrowland I chanced on hype Lightyear prior to other individuals observed him, so I created the decision it was completely really worth the pause and Click a picture with him. Then, times later on I was handled to REAL bath rooms open up on the Program! (I had required to Urinate Because kilometer 2, go figure) Then it was time for you to operate with the Fortress! departing miracle empire on this type of higher be aware created the subsequent couple of kilometers Squat by and then, out of nowhere, I listen to my title and go over to see my preferred Walt disney caring couple of and doodlekit buddies, Belle & Ryan! So insane to operate in to them mid-competition, we talked it up for a couple of and then I took depart to go Finish away the competition. (Just after viewing them I got really the giggle out of the plaything tale plaything troops obtaining athletes to do 6 push-ups mid-competition. Ha! I handed down that, it was obtaining way warm for me and didn't want to perform in the sunlight any more than I had too!)iPhone photos of some of the miracle empire awesomenessThe final 5k: kilometer 11 was up and about an on-ramp, directly into the upset sunlight, but after i crested the Slope I started it In to Equipment for the leftover kilometers and, with my hands outstretched and my grin broad, I "flew" within the finish collection!Woo hoo!Official nick Time: 1:55:56 - second quickest fifty percent actually! Woot!!!1841/23126 common 462/13128 Women (No AG outcomes as I was operating below some Otherwise's bib)1 fairy pleased Redhead!Post-competition: Unfortunately, I didn't get to participate in any of the post-competition celebrations or see the kids finish Because i had to visit the shuttle support back to the resort to get prepared for the wedding ceremony shower. But, I'Michael pleased to are convinced that the kids created it the day time, and the warmth. (Starting so long ago they had been built with a lot a large amount of upset sunlight then I do and you know how a lot increase dislikes the upset sunlight!) fortunately, I was in a position to operate in to them as I was departing, to give them a post-competition higher-five!completed with the really first 1/3 of their Wacky adventure!Post-competition Thoughts: Considering my only objective was to have enjoyable and *maybe* go sub-2, if I could golf swing it with the crowds of individuals and the temps, I am really pleased with how this competition switched out. I experienced powerful all through and By no means once had to pause and walk, which at random enough is a really first for me, I usually wind up Striking a walls in fifty percent's for some reason. I believe using the stress away really helped, in my mind it was just a focused instruction operate with a honor at the end. :)Wacky problem Spectating RecapAfter the wedding ceremony shower, reiterate forthcoming, I going back to the resort to encounter the bunch for an additional pre-competition carb-load supper. The kids had been in excellent mood and appeared prepared for the subsequent times competition. After supper it was away to mattress for an additional earlier 3:30 am wake-up call. Ugh. (once again)
By 4 am the kids had been away to the shuttle support and I wiped out time producing paper prints Whilst LeBrian's spouse cherished a couple of additional hrs of rest that my exhilaration wouldn't permit me. When the security alarm discontinued once again at 5:30 am I was prepared to go get my spectate on... but then we learned that the shuttle support service will get hanging and all streets shut in between 5 am and 7 am. We had been sooooooo annoyed out as we had prepared to perk them as they went with the miracle empire. Boo. With no other option in the matter, we snapped up breakfast every day time at our resort, and then cheered on other athletes as the Program injury through our resort grounds, about kilometer 24ish. The athletes cherished our indicators and cowbells, and I gladly noticed a couple of B.R.A. buddies from my Florida operating times! As the hrs checked by, the warmth intensified, and the athlete notifications on the kids' speed and ETA slowed, we understood they should be battling below the upset sunlight on exhausted legs. fortunately we lastly obtained their 20 Michael notify and jumped on the shuttle support over to Epcot to perk them in. 
Holy garbage was it a zoo park over at the finish! fans had been at minimum 6-8 individuals heavy and becoming as brief as we are, we couldn't see a thing. fortunately my Beaker love had became a member of us for the entertaining and introduced her extremely extravagant Digital camera so I was in a position to focus from a Slope, nipping photos of them as they leaking out of Epcot and for the finish; at the same time LeBrian's spouse had wedged her way into the group and was in a position to perk them in as they went by. They had carried out it, they completed the 39.3 Wacky problem!!! I am so throwing pleased with them and they Certainly gained their mega-multiple-honor-bling!
increase & LeBrian: Certifiably WackyPost Occasion weekend break Thoughts: In the 11+ many years I resided in Orlando I By no means once went a Walt disney competition Because i didn't feel it would be really worth the hassle (or cost) and after getting lastly carried out so, I won't say my Viewpoint is really a lot changed. Even although I had been built with a blast, and even although Walt disney Operates a really nicely organized, enjoyable Occasion, there is just too a lot mayhem for me. Once once again, just like In 2010, spectating was a bunch and common the crowds of individuals for everything: from the expo, to the competition, and after, had been overwhelming. We believe this 12 months was particularly insane because it was the twentieth wedding ceremony anniversary of the competition, but even still, I just experienced like it was SO a lot. beyond that, anything Otherwise was fairly awesome, and I get why individuals want to do it. My only guidance is that if you actually do choose to operate a Walt disney Occasion, leftover in the Walt disney hotels region really is the only way to go. (Just have your fans do some severe recon)