3 Things Thursday

On Apr 14, 2013

  • Disney Bound... Tonight I'm going to the "happiest put on earth" to spectate Spike obtaining Goofy this weekend break. I'm also obtaining excited about Striking up the expo the subsequent day time and conference some amazing runnerds and I also sorta, kinda, perhaps Acquired a bib for the fifty percent. So there's that. Here's wishing I don't melt!
  • completely 1980s... Following the fifty percent on sunday I'm flying into O-town (Awww, I skip stating that) to co-host my bestie Rixy's "completely 1980s whitened wedding ceremony bath" with the remainder of the wedding party. I can't even start to explain how absurd this designed bath is likely to be, get ready for the visually-assaulting-neon recap subsequent week.
  • Damn The Man... Work is completely ridiculous at this time and playing with my operate schedule, have to adore when days 1 and 2 of race instruction will get completely discombobulated. (Speaking of, I get to see her this weekend break too, yay!) 
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    (FWIW I'm not truly complaining, 
    any day time I have a Work in this economic climate is a great day time.)