Long run at Boardtown

On Apr 14, 2013

AM: 20.2 kilometers w/ 9 kilometers steady, 9 kilometers @6:15-6:25, 2.2 @steady

This lengthy operate/lengthy speed was not well-rehearsed and it was all my fault. When I examined the web site to see this days route, I didn't observe that the event was tiny rocks and that it was likely to be hard to Conserve a great speed and get correct results.

Still, Dallas moving me via it and it wasn't as well bad. We experienced some reduced kilometers and some quicker types when we lastly strike a extend of pavement, general it averaged out about right. We do quit as soon as for a Stylish extend (tiny rocks tends to make my Stylish very tight) and as soon as again when Dallas was little bit by a canine (yeah that happened) but for the most component it was a great operate and I was pleased.

My subsequent exercise will be possibly Wednesday or Wednesday...and will be some mixture of lower-leg cramping, upper body about to blow up kind session. Still, getting excited about it. I adore this stuff.

Hope everybody experienced a excellent weekend.